About the authour

Political Views: left libertarian

Social Views: Intersectional feminist
Favourite Books: The Shock doctrine (Naomi Klein), 1984 (George Orwell), How the world works (Noam Chomsky), The Amory Wars trilogy (Claudio Sanchez)
Favourite television: The Wire, The Mark Thomas Comedy Product, Anything by Charlie Brooker
Favourite music: Bayside, Black Sabbath, Jello Biafra, Billy Talent, Chris Cornell, Coheed and Cambria, The King Blues, the levellers.
Hi reader, welcome to my Blog. The Name Libsoc is meant to stand for libertarian socialist although I draw on a large range of views from Marxism (the economic part) to social democracy (as a step in the right direction).
On this blog you will find numerous features from debunking Awful arguments, to UK politics, to talking about slightly more light-hearted subjects such as Protest music. If I was to give this blog an intention other than a good way to spend my time, It would be to foster lively debate and conversation around somewhat controversial subjects. I am always looking to improve my knowledge of politics, so feel free to criticise some of my arguments and debate me in the comments section, or request a topic for me to cover.
As intellectual property is theft, please feel free to borrow my arguments and circulate this blog as you please, provided you are not using it to distort my argument, or use them for right wing purposes.
I will try and upload blogs fairly frequently. Here are some links to websites I find informative:

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  1. This is a very organized, well thought out blog. Thank you.
    I love Coheed and Cambria as well :) Not that is has anything to do with anything!