Awful arguments

How many times have you heard it claimed that immigration is a burden on the economy, that banks need to be bailed out or that all wealth will just trickle down? Chances are, if you even flick on the News, you will be presented with a barrage of absolutely Awful arguments.

These arguments keep getting repeated for three main reasons:
1. Education despite the fact that our education system has made considerable progress since the days of the desk and cane, we sill have a long way to go. The amount of economics and politics taught in schools or at home is still incredibly low. Our education system being based upon the Prussian model of education, instituted after the second world war, partly serves the function of beating creativity out of children, rather than encouraging it.
2. Repetition its like that old game says, you teach someone to say fork enough times they will eventually being tricked into saying that's what they eat their soup with. Its the same with Politics. Something being continually repeated, through the media and echo chambers makes it easier to believe it. What we have today is a system where, political myths are so embedded within the public thought, that we start regurgitating them to each other.
3. Simple Language the use of simple and complicated language within politics is such an important topic I could probably get an entire blog post out of it. Because the term 'They are stealing our money' is so much easier to understand then then the term Fiscal Multiplication, (the very simple idea that investing wisely secures returns without having to make cuts) It is easier to believe.

I do not mean to say that everyone is stupid, because this is very often not the case, I have had political conversations with people whom you would not normally expect to have an iota of political insight. The mass media have a whole host of tricks up there sleeve that clever and reasonable people can often fall for.

This feature is intended to debunk common arguments from conservatives, liberals and fascists, using accessible language. Suggestions are welcomed.

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