Wednesday, 7 June 2017

You Cant Trust Theresa May to Deliver a good Brexit Deal

The Tories are trying to frame this election around the issue of Brexit. Perhaps the strongest thing that Theresa May has going for her campaign is the lie that the opposition parties are trying to obstruct Brexit, and that therefore the conservatives and only the conservatives can provide the ‘strong and stable’ leadership to finish the job. This is an influential propaganda strategy. It points to what is the most prominent political issue at the time, and offers one group of people up as the only people that can deal with it, because that’s the way things are already. However, this strong and stable narrative can be disproven with a quick look at the facts.

Theresa Mays Brexit Record
Upon being appointed as Prime Minister by default after the Tory leadership contest fell apart, Theresa May assembled her Brexit team: David Davis is certainly not one of the worst as far as Tory MPs go, but he clearly doesn’t know what he is doing. Boris Johnson, a man who has insulted every country on earth, is clearly a ridiculous choice for home secretary. Finally, using Brexit as an excuse to bring the disgraced Liam Fox back into front line politics is an extraordinary move, as the man should be in jail for sharing official secrets with his friends not relegated to the back benches to be thrown back into government a few years later.
After six tedious months of stalling everyone by replying ‘Brexit means Brexit’ every time she was asked a question about what Brexit means, Theresa May finally revealed her negotiating strategy. Unfortunately, this ‘strategy’ turned out to be nothing other than a ludicrous threat that she would turn the UK into a low wage, low skilled, hard right corporate tax haven if the EU didn’t give into her staggeringly unrealistic demands of access to the single market for a select few corporations and banks!
From January onward Theresa May began robotically parroting the propaganda trope that ‘no deal is better than a bad deal’. The Anti EU hard right press is going to shriek ‘BAD DEAL!’ to every single concession to the European Union during the negotiations though. Therefore, there is pretty much no other way of seeing this phrase other than a cynical attempt to brainwash the public into believing that triggering social and economic chaos by walking away from the negotiating table with absolutely no deal whatsoever, is in fact a good thing.
In March the House of Lords tried to add two amendments to the Tories Brexit Bill but they were both stripped out again by the Tory government in the House of Commons. One amendment was to endure that parliament has an actual vote on whether Theresa May is able to trigger a socially and economically ruinous hard Brexit if her threat based posturing fails to secure a good settlement with the EU. Before that safeguard was removed, the Tories (with assistance from UKIP, the DUP and some Eurosceptic labour rebels) scrapped the amendment designed to ensure that Theresa May doesn’t use the lives of an estimated 3 million EU citizens in the UK as bargaining chips in her negotiations with the EU. It is absolutely clear that from the scrapping of these amendments that the Tories don’t care about democracy or the rights of EU citizens to feel safe where they live. They just want to secure the hardest Brexit possible, so they can get on with their wet dream of turning Britain into a hard right tax haven.
Delaying Tactics
In April 2017, almost immediately after Triggering article 50, Theresa May decided to keep the EU waiting for two months by calling her opportunistic self-serving election! Anyone trying to defend this move needs to take a long hard look at their priorities. By the time Theresa Mays vanity election is over she will have successfully stalled the Brexit negotiation process for almost an entire year!
You would have thought that Brexiters would be totally hacked off at her blatant delaying tactics by now, but somehow they still seem to adore her! It’s like they haven’t even realised that everything that comes out of Theresa Mays mouth is the polar opposite of her actions. Think very clearly about it: She apparently called the election to stop opposition parties obstructing Brexit (which they weren’t – the article 50 Bill went through parliament without a single amendment!) but this election itself is another two month delay on top of the nine month delay between the Brexit vote and the triggering of article 50: A two month delay that was caused entirely by Theresa May.
Time to Give Someone else a try
There are three reasons why Jeremy Corbyn would have a much better chance of making a success of Brexit than Theresa May.
Most obviously, he is not Theresa May. Electing someone new would be a chance for a fresh start without all the scaremongering, insults and flat out conspiratorial thinking that all seem to be contained in Theresa Mays negotiating strategy. The Tories threat based posturing and lack of a simple economic plan will mean no deal with the EU!
Secondly, Jeremy Corbyn has made it clear time and time again that he stands with the ordinary citizens of this country and against the elitist establishment class. The fact that he is on our side and not theirs is obvious from the fact that they have tried to do everything in their power to destroy him. Despite the constant barrage of smears and even a coup attempt by the establishment insiders in his own party Corbyn is still somehow standing. If that isn’t concrete proof of his determination and strength of character, I don’t know what is.
Thirdly, it clear that Corbyn isn’t a narcissistic control freak like Theresa May, so he would delegate the negotiation job to his Brexit minister. Unlike the bumbling David Davis, Kier Starmer is in fact a highly intelligent and highly capable experienced politician. With the Tories you would get David Davis trying to negotiate the whole thing on a platform of having no realistic economic proposals whatsoever, while Theresa May desperately tries to micromanage the whole thing, disregarding the interests of the nation as a whole.
If Theresa May wins this election then the Brexit negotiations will be a disaster. It would obviously be a massive challenge for Jeremy Corbyn’s far superior Brexit team (Kier Starmer, Emily Thornberry, and Barry Gardiner) to make any kind of success of it, but under Theresa Mays leadership it will be a massive bloody mess (just like her abysmal track record at the home office). Don’t say you were not warned.

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