Thursday, 15 June 2017

Weak and Unstable

If anyone received a Tory flyer through their door you will remember that it contained big letters containing the words ‘Theresa Mays team’ on the front rather than the somewhat less inspiring sounding ‘Conservative Party’. You will also remember that it had the supposedly reassuring words ‘strong and stable’ plastered all over the document, like a profoundly  dishonest version of the Hitchhikers guide to the Galaxy (for those of you that get the reference, your welcome). Of course this is nothing surprising, the Tory campaign was full of reality defying propaganda. Another of the terms that the Tory’s kept using to discredit their opponents is the bitterly ironic ‘coalition of chaos’. At the time this may not have seemed as obvious to the people who actually voted for Theresa May, but how obvious is it now?

Theresa Mays Team

When Theresa May won the Tory leadership contest following David Cameron’s resignation by default after bullying her rival out of the leadership race, May attempted to re-do Thatcher’s infamous St Francis of Assisi speech by saying how much she cared about the under privileged in society. This was before immediately scrapping university grants as one of her first acts as Prime Minister.
Six months later, after repeating ‘Brexit means Brexit’ a million times, Theresa May went into full Blue-KIP mode by launching her propaganda coup to the EU that if they don’t cave in to her demands for market access for her corporate buddies, she would collapse the negotiations altogether and turn Britain into a giant offshore tax haven. The tabloid press absolutely adored this, and started labelling anyone demanding a softer approach to the negotiations ‘Saboteurs’.
After calling her self-serving snap election, presumably eager to distance herself from her own party’s record, May rebranded the conservatives ‘Theresa Mays team’ with all mention of the word conservative either reduced to small fonts or eradicated. This was clearly a move by Lynton Crosby and other PR consultants to appeal to Labour and Lib Dem voters who would normally never dream of voting Tory. This ranked of insincerity and relied purely on the presumption that centrists and left leaning voters are so stupid that if you change the words on the propaganda, they will forget which parties they are voting for. On top of that Theresa May was adopting this image whilst telling her friends in the media that the Tory’s intend to launch an ultra-hard Brexit. Not only was this an insincere attempt at political marketing that millions have come to despise, but it is shockingly at odds with the Tory’s own stated Brexit strategy.

Strong and Stable

Theresa May called this election with the supposed aim of ‘strengthening her hand in the Brexit negotiations’ and ‘stopping opposition parties from obstructing Brexit’. Never mind the fact that the largest opposition party in the House of Commons voted in favour of triggering article 50, the lie was successfully constructed that Theresa May needed to strengthen her hand and many conservative voters fell for it.
Of course there are plenty of people who didn’t fall for this obvious propaganda strategy and decided to vote against Theresa May and the Tory’s, reducing the Conservatives number of seats and increasing Labours, resulting in a hung parliament. This forced the conservatives to think fast and form minority government with help from the far right, Northern Irish Democratic Unionist Party (DUP). Adding the Tory and DUP seats together puts Theresa May just over the majority mark by two MPs. This clearly puts the conservatives in a desperate lose-lose situation with the opposition currently in a stronger position than the government.
The Tory’s could try and remedy this by calling another election. The problem with this option is that it would almost certainly result in a strong labour majority because if Labour managed to cause a hung parliament with the mainstream media against them all the way and the Tory’s a phenomenal 25 points ahead of them in the polls, just imagine what another surge from a +5 could result in.
The other option means a pathetically weak government clinging on to power for as long as possible, while public opinion steadily turns against them.  Pretty soon they will be seen as putting the interests of themselves above the interests of the nation. This means that when a general election does happen public opinion may have turned so significantly against the Tories to outright wipe them out as a political force.
My advice would be for them to take the hit as soon as possible, just so we can get the Tory’s out of power and get a real strong and stable government. That said, I don’t mind the idea of the Tory’s clinging on a little bit longer and wiping themselves out. The choice is really theirs.

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