Thursday, 8 June 2017

A Real Anti-Establishment Revolution

I voice my opinions pretty harshly on this blog. That is because I am passionate about what I believe in and I want to stand up for what is right. However, I would like to think I am humble enough to admit it when I turn out to be wrong on something. The honest truth is that I might have to do this in just a few hours.  I only realised this yesterday and was slightly taken aback by it myself, having to wrestle with the logic of it. But here is the truth: If Jeremy Corbyn wins this election, like I so desperately want him to, I will have to admit that I was wrong about Brexit.

Anyone has actually read my work, rather than writing me of as a ‘remoner’ and ignoring what I have been saying all together, will know that I have never been particularly pro EU. I dislike the way that the EU forces neoliberal policies on its member nations by having an anti-nationalisation clause and forcing austerity measures on developing nations in return for bailout packages; Despite the treaty being dead in the water before we voted to leave the EU I also had a profound dislike of the TTIP corporate power grab which would have allowed private corporations to sue government agencies; Finally, I hate the Immoral and impractical EU-Turkey migrant deal.
All this considered, my opposition to Brexit didn’t stem from an ideological rejection of the idea of leaving the EU, but actually from a recognition that a chaotic unplanned Brexit carried out by a callous bunch of selfish, immigrant hating Tory elitists would obviously be a total disaster for the economy and a complete nightmare for millions of ordinary working people. Furthermore, with the economic crash that will inevitably come from Brexit, the Tory’s would be likely to load the burden of the crisis on to the most downtrodden areas of society in order to protect the assets of the super-rich.
As I acknowledged in my blog posts leading up to the EU referendum, it was not just the far right ‘Britain First/Ukipper’ crowd that wanted Brexit. Lots of other people wanted it because they see the EU as an undemocratic neoliberal monolith. At the time, I thought these people were ridiculously foolish. There was just no way that the Tory’s would wilfully relinquish their grip on power before 2020, meaning Brexit would have to be conducted by the most pro-austerity party in Europe and run entirely in the interests of the corporate giants and the super-rich. Ditching one group of establishment elites by leaving the European union, only to hand power to the corrupt and exploitative Tory Party, seemed to me like nothing more than an ‘out of the frying pan and into the fire’ situation.
Surprisingly though, thanks to Theresa Mays incredible narcissism and overconfidence, Toe Tory establishment have actually given us a chance to ditch them too. Now there is a chance to elect a genuine anti-establishment candidate to take over the Brexit process and deliver a Brexit that works for all British people not just the establishment few.
If you don’t think Jeremy Corbyn is anti-establishment, I encourage you to take a quick look at his track record:
·    In 2003, as chairman of the Stop the War Coalition, he helped to organise the biggest protest in British History against the invasion of Iraq (an invasion that even Theresa May voted in favour of)
·     Since 2010, he has constantly opposed the Austerity agenda, even when the Labour leadership was imposing a whip on its MP’s to support it. He knows that loading the cost of the crisis on to the backs of ordinary people, whilst giving vast handouts to the super rich, isn’t just immoral, but economically inept.
·    In 2011 he was one of the few MPs in order to vote against turning Libya into another lawless terrorism breeding crowd, in which the Manchester bomber was radicalised.
·    In 2015 he was a 200-1 outsider to lead his party, but he won a massive landslide victory over the three pro establishment candidates
·     In 2016, the pro establishment faction of his party used the Brexit vote to launch an ultimately fruitless coup attempt against Jeremy Corbyn. He resisted and the ordinary people stood behind him and showed the establishment MPs their place
Jeremy Corbyn defines himself as a servant of the people. That’s why the establishment elites hate him so much. They think that power and wealth belongs to them and only them. Corbyn is clearly hated by the establishment, which is why this kind, peaceful man has been smeared and abused in the most outrageous manner. They are absolutely terrified of him. Just think about it. Are we going to make a huge anti-establishment stand in 2016 and then completely screw it up by voting in favour of the establishment in 2017?
If you’re looking for a proper anti-establishment revolution then the chance doesn’t come along very often, and it really doesn’t come better than this. Jeremy Corbyns not perfect, but he is on the side of working people. He has promised no tax rises for 95% of earners; better workers’ rights; a society that treats disabled people decently and fairly; universal and free access to education; properly funded public services; and a clampdown on tax dodgers. Jeremy Corbyn has also undoubtedly fought this election campaign honestly and decently, while their opponents reduced themselves to slinging vitriolic abuse at him.
If you voted to stick it to the establishment, don’t go voting for the establishment now. Vote for Labour. Vote for a real anti establishment revolution.

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